The Vice President for Academic Affairs functions as the chief academic officer of the University, providing leadership to the campus academic Provost/Vice Chancellors, consultation to campus Chancellors, and support to the President on all academic matters. He or she is the University’s spokesperson and representative in discussing academic programs with the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). The Vice President also staffs and sets the agenda for meetings of the Academic Matters Committee of the SIU Board of Trustees.
Some of these responsibilities can be further described:

  1. Academic Programs and Related Matters. The Vice President coordinates all academic matters and activities on the campuses which call for the knowledge or approval of the President, the SIU Board of Trustees, and the IBHE, i.e., performance reports; diversity reports; reports on program reviews; requests for reasonable and moderate extensions and for off-campus program locations; and proposals for the abolition and reallocation of educational units, curricula and degrees. The Vice President also handles student matters that come from IBHE or the General Assembly and manages the Vince Demuzio Governmental Internship Program.
  2. Illinois Board of Higher Education. In addition to maintaining a general awareness of the views and positions of the State-wide coordinating board and its staff, the Vice President must develop a detailed understanding of IBHE policies and guidelines and their effect on and application to SIU, must follow closely their development, and must monitor with care how they can be used to benefit SIU. In addition, the Vice President maintains regular contact with the IBHE's academic officers on behalf of both the campuses and the University as a whole.
  3. Academic Leadership. Besides providing general and specific support as directed, the Vice President provides leadership and advises the President on all academic policy matters and activities which require the President’s knowledge and approval, including those which must go to the SIU Board of Trustees and the IBHE. The Vice President is also responsible for the preparation of a number of regular and special reports to the President, the Board of Trustees, the Academic Matters Committee, and the IBHE.
  4. Planning. The Vice President has oversight responsibility for all academic planning within the University; for monitoring both institutional and disciplinary accreditations, with particular attention to the Higher Learning Commission; and for the preparation of requests for State and federal earmarks. This oversight responsibility pertains especially to strategic planning for academic programs, staffing, and resources consistent with the strategic plans at the system and campus levels, as well as defining implementation benchmarks necessary for accountability.
  5. Intercampus Initiatives. The Vice President shall take a leading role in the:
    a.  quest for efficiencies and strengths in academic programs shared across the system, such as cooperative degrees;
    b.  development of collaborative research and technology transfer projects on more than one campus, especially in the appropriate centers and institutes;
    c.  coordination in the recruitment and retention of international students, which can be effected centrally without sacrificing the distinct characteristics of  each campus;
    d.  cooperation with Senior Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs on university services where they support Academic Affairs; and
    e.  facilitation of economic development and community engagement to promote outreach, partnerships, and impact throughout the region, including focused fundraising and grant-writing that complement comparable efforts at the campus level.