Informed Consent Training

Click on the link to WebCT (will open in a new window)

To log in to WebCT, enter your username (WebCT ID) and password as described below:

SOM Faculty/staff:
As default, your username AND password are BOTH som_ (underscore _), followed by your School of Medicine I.D. number which can be located on the back of your badge, excluding leading zeroes.
(example for John Doe with SOM I.D. number 00123450: som_123450 for BOTH WebCT ID AND password)

After logging in, please click the "SOMICT" link to enter the School of Medicine Informed Consent Training Website. Once on the SOMICT Welcome Page, please click the icon entitled "Informed Consent". This will bring up the Table of Contents.

From the Table of Contents page, please read through the three sections, and complete the MANDATORY quiz at the end. Please make sure to click "Save Answer" after ever question you complete. After finshing the quiz, please remember to click the GRADE button.

If you have problems or further questions, do not hesitate to email Virginia Cooper at