Regional Outreach and Partnerships

The Regional Outreach and Partnership office supports university system wide programs and forges alliances with the government, education, private and philanthropic sectors to promote public benefit and economic growth.  This work is accomplished by expanding public-private partnerships, and developing collaborative opportunities by leveraging the significant knowledge resources and expertise unique to the SIU System. 

The office of Regional Outreach and Partnership has recently been charged with developing a prospectus and implementation of the Great Schools S.I. (Southern Illinois) System initiative as recently announced by SIU System President Dunn.  The goal of Great Schools S.I. is to re-establish Southern Illinois University System as the premier K-12 provider of education leaders in downstate Illinois.

Specific objectives of Great Schools S.I. include:

  1. Introduce Dual Credit between High Schools and University (fill gaps of community colleges and introduce academic rigor for college bound students)
  2. Identify student centered, school based, wrap around services addressing: student crisis, mental health, alcohol and drug use, and suicide
  3. Increase number of high school faculty eligible to teach college courses
  4. Launch 60X25 network in rural downstate Illinois through partnerships with Shawnee Community College and collaboration to address high poverty and unemployment through employable adult credentialing
  5. Provide innovative workshops for rural and small school administrators and teachers
  6. Reinstitute Grow Your Own program/grant for REAP schools
  7. Create Pathways for high school students to attain a 4 year degree in teaching
  8. Create stackable credits for students to attain a 4 year degree in teaching
  9. Strengthen apprenticeship partnerships in Illinois high schools