SIUC University Intellectual Property Committee

What is the SIUC University Intellectual Property Committee (UIPC)?

The UIPC is a committee of faculty representing each College of the University which makes recommendations for the disposition of intellectual property (IP) subject to UIPC jurisdiction. 

  College   Representative
Liberal Arts Mike Hoane
Agricultural Sciences Eduardo Gastal
Mass Communication and Media Arts Dong Han
Education and Human Services Peter Fadde
Applied Sciences and Arts Ralph Tate
Science Boyd Goodson
Engineering Tsuchin Chu
Business Jim Nelson

The current Ex-Officio members include:

  • Director of OSPA (formerly ORDA) - Wayne Glass
  • Senior Technology Transfer Specialist in OSPA - Robert Patino (non-voting member)
  • Representative from the Office of General Counsel - Doug McCarty
  • Faculty member knowledgeable about intellectual property appointed biannually by the Associate President - TBA

Purpose of the UIPC Meeting

The UIPC convenes to review IP owned or co-owned by SIU and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research as to the University's course of action regarding the IP. After viewing a short presentation by the inventor(s), the UIPC may discuss the invention and make recommendations, which are included but not limited to:

  • Whether the University should retain the invention or release it to the inventor(s).
  • What form of intellectual property, if any, the University should pursue.
  • What level of financial support the University should provide for a given IP strategy (for instance, when the IP was developed jointly with another research institution).

Presentation Guidelines

You will be given a limited amount of time, typically about 20 minutes, for your presentation. Your presentation can include any information you deem necessary for communicating your ideas and concepts to people who may not share your area of expertise. Particularly relevant information includes but is not limited to: 

  • The specific novelty of your invention.
  • Comparisons to similar technologies now in use.
  • Related patents or publications.
  • Value of the invention to people and society in general.
  • Commercial applications of your invention.
  • Value of the invention to industry.
  • Research and development possibilities for the University.
  • Special groups who may need or want this technology.
  • Any contacts with people/companies who wish to license/use this invention.

You are encouraged to incorporate feedback provided by the Office of Technology Transfer during their Initial Review process if this is useful to you.

Presentation Follow-Up

Shortly after you have presented your ideas to the UIPC, they will make a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Research, who will forward an approval or denial of that recommendation to the Office of Technology Transfer. The Office of Technology Transfer will then inform you of the final decision; this process typically takes up to one month.