Outbound Shipments

Outbound shipments or transfer by any means (cargo shipment, courier, hand carried, electronic) of export controlled commodities (hardware, laboratory equipment, materials, research samples) or technical data (software, blue prints, schematics, manuals, information in any form) require analysis under the three regimes discussed above (EAR, ITAR, OFAC) to determine whether a license is required. 

Because a license can take at least 30 days to obtain, it is critical to address a potential export requirement as soon as possible to allow for sufficient processing time. The type of license, scope and duration will depend on which authorizing agency (Commerce, State, or Treasury) has jurisdiction over the license application or authorization. This rule applies even where the purpose of exporting the item is to advance fundamental research abroad, for example, as part of field work to be conducted in another country or to facilitate an international collaboration.

It is important to note that even where an item (commodity) is created in the University from commercially available components and data, or through technical know-how that is publicly available, the item itself may still require a license to export.