Publication Restrictions

While most of its research is unrestricted, SIU System may obtain funding with publication restrictions. These projects do not enjoy the protective harbor of the fundamental research exception so specific security plans, export control reviews, export control licenses for personnel exposed to the technology, and continual close monitoring may be required after a thorough review by the SIU System Export Control Administrator. Mistakes in the dissemination of information in publication-restricted projects may lead to deemed export violations, which may result in personal jail time and substantial personal fines. In fact, SIU System would be required to immediately report any such deemed export violation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Commerce Office of Export Enforcement, among others.

Anyone working on a publication-restricted project should be aware of the large number of constraints on releasing information. All such information released should have the explicit written approval of the SIU System Export Control Administrator. They should also be cautious about providing gratuitous information and careful to guard against premature release of such potentially export controlled information as rapid advances or breakthroughs in technology. A violation of these precepts represents noncompliance with SIU System policies and may have serious repercussions.