Table of Contents for Bylaws

Article I. Meetings of the Board

Section 1. Regular Meetings
Section 2. Special Meetings
Section 3. Executive Sessions
Section 4. Quorum
Section 5. Action in Regular and Special Meetings
Section 6. Place of Meetings
Section 7. Order of Business
Section 8. Rules of Procedure
Section 9. Minutes

Article II. Officers

Section 1. Election of Officers
Section 2. Determination of Duties
Section 3. Duties of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board
Section 4. Duties of the Secretary of the Board
Section 5. Appointed Officers of the Board

Article III. Committees

Section 1. The Executive Committee
Section 2. Architecture and Design Committee
Section 3. Finance Committee
Section 4. Academic Matters Committee
Section 5. Special Committees
Section 6. Audit Committee

Article IV. Board and Chief Executive and Administrative Authority

Section 1. The President
Section 2. The Chancellors and Dean and Provost of the School of Medicine
Section 3. Board Meetings
Section 4. Board Communications
Section 5. Emergency Powers
Section 6. Employment

Article V. Legislation

Section 1. Classification of Board Legislation
Section 2. Bylaws of the Board
Section 3. Statutes of the Board
Section 4. Policies of the Board
Section 5. Procedures of the Board
Section 6. Amendment of Board Legislation
Section 7. Policy Concerning Consultation
Section 8. Judicial Authority
Section 9. Intention of the Statutes and Policies

Article VI. Agenda

Section 1. Presentations by the President and Chancellors of SIU
Section 2. Appeals of Administrative Actions
Section 3. Other Presentations

Article VII. Office of the Board of Trustees

Article VIII. The Seal