Table of Contents for Statutes

Article I. Southern Illinois University
Article II. Guidelines for the Functions of the Board, the President of SIU, and the Chancellors
Section 1. The Board
Section 2. The President of Southern Illinois University
Section 3. The Chancellors
Section 4. Searches for a President or a Chancellor
Section 5. Evaluation of the President and the Chancellors
Section 6. Executive Officer Compensation
Article III. Educational Organization
Section 1. Definition
Section 2. The Addition and Abolition of Educational Units
Section 3. The University Faculty
Section 4. Colleges, Divisions, and Schools and Subdivisions Thereof
Section 5. The Graduate Schools and Faculty
Article IV. Administrative Organization
Article V. Constituency Representation and Involvement
Article VI. Academic Freedom: Rights and Responsibilities
Section 1. Operation of SIU under the Principles of Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Section 2. Discussion of Controversial Matters in Classroom
Section 3. Membership in the Academic Community
Article VII. Policy on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action