Brochures and Posters

This page contains additional resources related to the Ethics Act that employees may find of interest:

External Agencies

Executive Ethics Commission (EEC)

Per the EEC’s website, they promote ethics in public service and ensure that the State’s business is conducted with efficiency, transparency, fairness, and integrity. The Commission's activities range from conducting annual ethics training to enforcing the Ethics Act for all employees of the executive branch of State Government. The EEC also provides independent oversight of the procurement process.

Visit the EEC website for more information.

Office of Executive Inspector General (OEIG)

Per the OEIG, they are an independent executive branch state agency which functions to ensure accountability in state government and the four regional transit boards. The OEIG's primary role is to investigate allegations of misconduct and to make reports of its findings to affected public agencies and officials.

Visit the OEIG website for more information.

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