Forms and Agreements

Evaluation Request Form

An Evaluation Request Form is required to disclose your technology to the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) and start the review process.  Developers obligated to assign their intellectual property ownership rights in new innovations to the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, as defined by the Southern Illinois University-System Intellectual Property Policy  (SIU IP Policy) are required to fill out this form to complete that assignment of rights.  Contact the OTT if you have any questions on filling out this form.

Evaluation Request Petition Process (for non-SIU employees only)

Developers who are considered Board affiliates that are not automatically obligated by the Southern Illinois University- System Intellectual Property Policy (SIU IP Policy) to assign their rights in an innovation to the Board, but who desire their innovation to be supported by the university must complete an Evaluation Request Petition.  Board affiliates include, but are not limited to, medical residents, unpaid adjunct professors, unpaid students, and students who have not used substantial university funding or resources to develop the innovation.  If the petition is approved, the Board affiliates will be treated as a developers obligated to assign their intellectual property ownership rights to the Board as defined by the SIU IP Policy.  A corresponding Evaluation Request Form must also be completed to assign the innovation to the Board so that it may be governed by the SIU IP Policy.  Contact the Office of Technology Transfer if you have any questions on these forms or your potential status as a Board affiliate.

OTT Evaluation and Disposition Form

After OTT receives your completed Evaluation Request, we will perform an OTT Evaluation of your technology; metrics for evaluation are described on this template form, which will be completed by OTT staff. OTT staff may request a phone conversation or in-person meeting with you to ask follow-up questions after reviewing your Evaluation Request. Once completed, the Evaluation will be sent to you. 

Other Forms

Looking to start a spin-off company or partner with an existing business? Examples of standard SIU forms and agreements, including licensing, confidential disclosure agreement, and material transfer agreement templates can be found on our Sample Forms and Agreements page for your reference. Note that the content and language of each document may change in order to meet specific project/partnership needs or other considerations. Please contact us to get started.

Intellectual Property Committee Presentation Template

After initial evaluation of your invention by the Office of Technology Transfer, you may have the option to present your technology to your campus' intellectual property committee. This PowerPoint template summarizes the required content for such a presentation. See the Intellectual Property Committees page for more information.