Inventor Resources - Overview

SIU’s Office of Technology Transfer exists to facilitate research with third parties and transform SIU innovations from benchtop breakthroughs to products and services that improve lives. Our services include:

  • Evaluation of invention patentability and marketability
  • Navigating each campus’ intellectual property evaluation/disposition protocol
  • Working independently or with attorneys to file patent applications
  • Identification of appropriate business partners and/or licensees
  • Negotiation of licensing agreements
  • Assistance with spin-off businesses based on SIU technologies
  • Negotiation of confidential disclosure and material transfer agreements
  • Facilitation of applied research collaborations
  • Negotiation of grant/contract agreements that protect intellectual property rights
  • Assessment of the impact of publication or other public disclosures on intellectual property rights
The SIU system gives researchers the flexibility to adjust their level of engagement in the commercialization process to their needs. For some researchers, this means serving as president and/or chief technology officer of a spin-out company. Others may participate only as needed for patent prosecution. Inventors have the opportunity to receive royalty payments for successfully licensed technologies.