Success Stories

Ken AnderonKen B. Anderson, Ph.D. | Department of Geology, SIU Carbondale | CTO, Thermaquatica

Chemical feedstocks, soil enhancers and fuel supplements from waste materials.

Dr. Ken Anderson’s oxidative hydrothermal dissolution (OHD) process generates chemical feedstocks, soil enhancers and fuel supplements from biomass, waste materials, coal and other non-petroleum sources. Thermaquatica, founded by Anderson to commercialize this technology, has been funded by research grants and industrial collaborations and is gearing up for a full-scale pilot production plant.

Thermaquatica is seeking investors in the energy, chemistry and cleantech spaces. The company is also seeking to connect with potential partners/customers in the biomass, waste treatment and agribusiness spaces.


Jeremy TurnerJeremy Turner, Ph.D. | Department of Otolaryngology, SIU School of Medicine | OtoScience Labs

A tool to objectively measure tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

People who suffer from tinnitus – ringing in the ears – can tell you just how debilitating this condition can be. Their doctors, on the other hand, often are at a loss for medically describing their patients’ condition in detail. This is because there currently is no objective test for measuring the severity of tinnitus, making it difficult to both research and treat. Dr. Jeremy Turner’s technology, which has been tested and refined by his company, OtoScience Labs (with support from a U.S. Department of Defense grant), makes tinnitus diagnosis and measurement possible. This tool will allow physicians to more accurately diagnose and assist military veterans, those injured by noise exposure at work and others suffering from tinnitus. The invention also will allow employers and insurers to refine standards for workplace noise to better protect employees from this condition.

Turner is exploring FDA approval and licensing/commercialization opportunities for this technology. He is seeking potential investors and business partners in the life science and medical device spaces interested in solving the problem of tinnitus.