Intellectual Property Committees

Each SIU campus establishes its own protocol for soliciting additional feedback on commercializeable technologies after preliminary Evaluation of the technologies by the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). The committees below meet to review some or all of the technologies invented at their respective campuses, ultimately making recommendations to their campus' lead research administrator as to the disposition of the intellectual property (IP) in question.

Campus Committee Makes Recommendations To
SIU Carbondale Committee convened ad hoc at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Research Vice Chancellor for Research
SIU School of Medicine Patent & Copyright Committee Dean and Provost
SIU Edwardsville Committee convened ad hoc at the discretion of the Associate Provost of Research Associate Provost of Research

Purpose of the Committees

Intellectual property committees convene to review IP owned or co-owned by SIU. The committee reviews an OTT-generated Evaluation of each technology and engages in an interactive presentation with the inventor before weighing factors such as market potential, patentability, and risk that may influence their recommendation. Committee recommendations may include but are not limited to:

  • Whether the University should retain the invention or release it to the inventor(s).
  • What form of intellectual property, if any, the University should pursue.
  • What level of financial support the University should provide for a given IP strategy (for instance, when the IP was developed jointly with another research institution).

Presentation Guidelines

Inventors are given a limited amount of time, typically about 20 minutes, to present to the committee. The presentation can include any information deemed necessary for communicating ideas and concepts to people who may not share the inventor's area of expertise. Inventors are encouraged to rebut statements or conclusions within the OTT Evaluation with which they disagree and are welcome to incorporate any useful OTT feedback. Required information is detailed in the OTT's Intellectual Property Presentation template.

Presentation Follow-Up

Shortly after the inventor has presented their technology to their campus' intellectual property committee, the committee will make a recommendation to the campus' lead research administrator, who will forward an approval or denial of that recommendation to the OTT. OTT will inform the inventor of the final decision once it is received; this process typically takes up to one month.