Board Legislation - Policies

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Table of Contents for Policies

  1. Academic Program, Degrees, and Awards
    1. Mission and Scope Statements
    2. Policies on Approval of Educational Units, Curricula, and Degrees
    3. Program Inventories
    4. Degrees, Certificates, and Awards
    5. Admission Policies and Graduation Requirements
  2. Faculty and Staff Services
    1. Definitions
    2. Appointment to Positions and Position Approval
    3. Conditions of Employment
    4. Supplemental Retirement Plan (Tax-Deferred Annuities)
    5. Indemnification Policy
    6. Pre-employment Investigations Policy
    7. Electronic Direct Deposit Policy
  3. Student Regulations and Policies
    1. Residency Status
    2. Housing Policies and Regulations
    3. Student Rights and Conduct Policy
    4. Student Legal Services
    5. Publications, Broadcasting, and Media Advertising
    6. Student Constituencies and Recognized Student Organizations
  4. Tuition, Fees, and Charges
    1. University Policies
    2. Southern Illinois University of Carbondale
      Appendix A
    3. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
      Appendix B
  5. Financial and Administrative Affairs
    1. Budgets
    2. Functions of the Treasurer
    3. Purchasing
    4. Legislative Audit Commission University Guidelines
    5. Internal Audit Policy
    6. Records Management Program
    7. Travel Regulations
    8. University Self-Insurance Program
    9. Software Piracy Policy Statement
    10. SIU System Information Security Plan
    11. Information Technology: University Internet Privacy Policy
    12. Trademark Policy
    13. Freedom of Information Act Policy
    14. Identity Theft Prevention Policy
    15. Investment Policy
  6. University Property and Physical Facilities
    1. Real Property (Land)
    2. Physical Facilities
    3. Use of University Property
  7. Legal and Ethical Conduct Requirements
    1. Personnel Policies Required by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act
    2. Conflict of Interest Policy
    3. Student Loan Code of Conduct Policy
    4. Policy on Sexual Harassment
    5. Policy on Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment
    6. Plagiarism Policy
    7. Legal Hold Policy
    8. Identity-Protection Policy
    9. Code of Ethics Policy
    10. Code of Conduct Policy
    11. Weapons Policy
    12. Clear and Present Danger Reporting Policy
    13. Smoke Free Campus Policy
    14. Export Control Policy