In summer 2023, the first iteration of the SIU System Strategic Plan Dashboard was unveiled to the SIU Board of Trustees and published live to the Strategic Plan website. The dashboard includes qualitative and quantitative metrics reflecting progress toward each strategic plan goal and associated objectives, with multi-year data included where available. The dashboard allows members of the SIU community, BOT members, and the general public to monitor progress toward the strategic plan goals, with the ability to view data on many metrics by campus, demographic, or year. The dashboard will be updated twice per year across all teams, with some metrics receiving live updates as data is received.





Individual Goal Dashboard Pages

Goal 1 - Academic Innovation & Student Success                   Goal 4 - Research, Creative Activities, & Partnerships

Goal 2 - System Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council             Goal 5 - Faculty and Staff

Goal 3 - Community Impact                                                 Goal 6 - Sustainability