SIU System Strategic Planning


The Southern Illinois University System has embarked on a system-wide strategic planning effort. Beginning in the spring 2020 semester, eight working groups developed reports on possible system-wide efforts to inform the strategic planning process in the following areas: Academic Program Development, Student Success, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Satisfaction, Community Impact, Partnerships, Research, and Shared Services. View Reports

The system-wide strategic planning committee, represented by constituent and community groups from all SIU campuses has been formed with the input of each SIU campus. This committee will initially work on creating the system vision, mission and goals. To help the strategic planning committee in their deliberations Dr. Lakesha Butler of SIUE and Dean John Pollitz of SIUC have kindly agreed to facilitate the process and SIU System VP Dr. Gireesh Gupchup will chair the committee. During this process, the SIU System community will be surveyed about their thoughts on the importance of priorities for the System. This survey will be distributed soon and your participation is important to the committee’s planning process. 

Once the system-wide strategic planning committee has developed the goals, the committee plans to conduct virtual “town-halls” to obtain system-wide, and external input. Your participation in the town halls will also be very important. Goal-related committees with representation from the SIU campuses will then outline the objectives and metrics that will allow us to achieve and measure our goals. The SIU System Strategic Plan is expected to be completed in spring 2021. 

The SIU System will be kept informed about developments with the strategic plan. We look forward to participation in the survey and virtual “town-halls” mentioned above as we chart our path forward. Thank you for all you do for the system, our students and the community.

Best regards,

Dan Mahony
President, SIU System