Berthine Blanc
Accessible Campus Community & Equitable Student Support (SIUE)

Nathan Brewer, Director
University Marketing and Communication (SIUE)

Rex Budde, CEO
Southern Illinois Healthcare (Community, SIUC)

Lakesha Butler**, Clinical Professor
School of Pharmacy (Co-Facilitator, SIUE)

Denise Cobb, Provost and Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (SIUE)

Domonique Crosby***, Assistant Director
University Housing, and Staff Senate (SIUE)

Steven Goetz, Graduate Student
Aviation Management and Flight (SIUC)

Rae Goldsmith***, Executive Director
University Communications and Marketing (SIUC)

Valerie Griffin, Director, Clinical Assoc. Professor
Family Health and Community Health (SIUE)

Gireesh Gupchup*, Vice President
Academic Innovation, Planning, and Partnerships (System)

Steve Huffstutler, Associate Vice Chancellor
Academic Computing (SIUE)

Jennifer Jones-Hall, Interim Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs (SIUC)

Gary Kinsel, Interim Vice Chancellor
Research (SIUC)

Jill Kirkpatrick, Bursar
Office of the Bursar (SIUC)

Yeuh-Ting Lee, Professor
Psychological & Behavioral Sciences (SIUC)

Meera Komarraju, Provost and Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs (SIUC)

Nancy Lutz, Associate Professor
Anthropology (SIUE)

Lolita Mack, President
SIU Black Alumni Group (SIUC)

SJ Morrison, Edwardsville Alderman and Director
Madison County Transit (Community, SIUE)

Nick Niemerg, Assistant Director
Alumni Relations (SIUE)

Leah O'Brien, Chair
Chemistry (SIUE)

Bethany Peppers, Graduate Student
Higher Education Administration (SIUC)

John Pollitz**, Dean
Library Affairs (Co-Facilitator, SIUC)

Kim Rendfeld, Executive Director
University Communications and Marketing (SIUC)

Prince Robertson***, Assistant Director
Student Conduct (SIUE)

Kamran Shavezipur, Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (SIUE)

Casheena Stephens, Assistant Professor of Practice
Workforce Education (SIUC)

Lori Stettler, Vice Chancellor***
Student Affairs (SIUC)

Roger Tedrick, Trustee
Board of Trustees (System/Community)

Shelley Tischkau, Chair and Professor
Pharmacology (SoM)

Maddie Walters, Student Body President
Business Major (SIUE)

Lori Williams, Assistant Provost for External Affairs
External Affairs (SoM)

Simone Williams, Assistant Professor
Lovejoy Library (SIUE)

***served during FY21