Chancellor Appointment

May 27, 2020

Faculty and staff,

I am pleased to announce that the SIU Board of Trustees will meet Friday, May 29, to consider the appointment of Dr. Austin A. Lane as the next chancellor of SIU Carbondale. If approved, he will assume his new responsibilities no later than July 6.

Dr. Lane’s leadership experience and collaborative approach will be an asset in his new role.

He is a visionary leader and strategic thinker who knows how to engage people around important issues such as enrollment and budget. He is also a strong communicator who will build partnerships that will benefit the university. In addition, he has led the development of a strategic plan and campus master plan and overseen enrollment growth, fundraising success and re-branding efforts.

Dr. Lane is very student-focused, and he is highly respected by his former faculty, staff and students. I am a strong believer of talking with a lot of people who have worked closely with candidates for senior-level positions. We reached out to many people from his previous institutions and took great care to do our due diligence as we vetted his candidacy. Based upon our review and the feedback we received from the SIU community, I am confident that he is an individual of strong character who will be an outstanding chancellor.

I would like to thank Dr. Marc Morris, who chaired the search committee, and all members of the committee for their work reviewing nominations and applications for the position. Thank you, also, to the many individuals who participated in the interview process and provided thoughtful feedback. Please know that all of your feedback was taken seriously.

Finally, I express my sincerest gratitude to Interim Chancellor John M. Dunn, who has kindly agreed to assist Dr. Lane during the transition. I am deeply grateful that Dr. Dunn returned to lead SIU Carbondale when the university needed him most. He has provided calm, exceptional leadership during some of the university’s most challenging times. Please join me in thanking him for his service.


Dan Mahony President, SIU System