About Technology Transfer

Technology Spotlight: “Bi-Stable Device with Negative Delay”.
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SIU’s central Office of Technology Transfer works with SIU faculty, students, and staff to protect and commercialize intellectual property generated from all system campuses – SIU Carbondale, SIU Edwardsville, and the Springfield-based School of Medicine. From exploring the market potential of an invention to negotiating licensing agreements with industry partners, we work to turn SIU innovations into global difference-makers.

The SIU system plays an integral role in driving economic growth in southern and central Illinois. The Office of Technology Transfer is proud to contribute to this growth by facilitating the commercialization of discoveries made by our world-class researchers.

For SIU Faculty, Staff and Students

The Office of Technology Transfer helps SIU researchers to assess their inventions for commercial potential, secures intellectual property (IP) rights for promising technologies, and provides administrative support for legal and contractual agreements with collaborating institutions and businesses. We perform patentability and marketability searches, negotiate confidentiality and material transfer agreements with third parties, prepare and prosecute patent applications, license intellectual property to commercial entities, enforce intellectual property rights, and advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation at SIU. Contact us to schedule an IP or technology transfer presentation for your academic unit or organization.

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For Industry

The Office of Technology Transfer negotiates licensing agreements with new and established companies that show a strong potential for successfully developing and commercializing University inventions. We are also the starting point for many industry-university research relationships, with our services including negotiation of nondisclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, and other agreements for facilitating industry research collaborations.

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