University Guidelines

Section 2.2 Academic Affairs: Guidelines on Educational Accreditation
Issued: January 2018
Replaces: September 2001

"Institutional accreditation evaluates an entire institution and accredits it as a whole; specialized accreditation evaluates particular units, schools, or programs within an institution."

Both SIUC and SIUE are institutionally accredited through the doctoral level by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, a number of programs within their colleges and schools, and some colleges and schools as a whole, are accredited by specialized accrediting bodies.

The President, as Chief Executive Officer of Southern Illinois University, will be involved in institutional and specialized accreditations according to the following guidelines:

2.2.1 Reports of Accreditation Status

Each year on the second Monday in August, the Chancellors of SIUC and SIUE will submit to the President, with a copy to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, a complete current list of accreditations which displays the following information: accreditation agency, year of review, status, next year of review, accredited programs. This report shall be shared with the SIU Board.

2.2.2 Institutional Accreditation

  1. The Chancellor will keep the President regularly informed as the campus develops its self-study and prepares for the site visitation.
  2. The draft of the self-study will be sent to the President for review and comment.
  3. At the time of the site visitation, appointments for the visitation team will be scheduled with the President and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, both of whom will be invited to attend the exit interview.
  4. The Chancellor will provide the President with a copy of the "draft team report" and the "final team report." The Chancellor will also send to the President for review and comment copies of the campus response to these reports.
  5. The same procedure will be followed in the case of the external review committee recommendations and any campus response thereto, and also in the case of any appeal of these recommendations.

2.2.3 Specialized Accreditations

The procedures outlined in Guideline #2 above adapted as appropriate to the procedures of the specialized accrediting body, will also be used when accreditation by a single body applies to all programs in a collegial unit, or to such unit as a whole, even though not all programs in the unit may be due for an accreditation review at the same time. In some instances, programs within a unit, e.g., Construction in the School of Engineering and Business Economics in the School of Business at SIUE, may not be included in a unit-wide accreditation review. In all cases of specialized and institutional accreditations, the President should be regularly informed when problems develop in the accreditation process.

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