University Guidelines

Section 1:  University Organization
1.1  The University
1.2 University Administration
1.3 University Guidelines

Section 2: Academic Affairs
2.1 Guidelines for University-wide Academic Planning
2.2 Academic Affairs—Guidelines on Educational Accreditation
2.3 Academic Affairs—Guidelines for International Agreements
Attachment 2-A
: IBHE Submissions Requirements for New Program Requests and Reports to the Board of Trustees
Attachment 2-B: Approval of Reasonable and Moderate Extensions and Requests for Off-campus Program Location
2.4 Academic Affairs- Centers and Institutes

Section 3: Financial Services
3.1 Operating Budget Decision Rules
3.2 Contingency Reserve
3.3 Closing out Fiscal Years
3.4 Internal Financing of University Projects
3.5 Capital Matters - Formulation of Procedures for Developing an Architect Selection and for the Preparation of Plans and Specifications
3.6 Personnel - Salary Administration Guidelines
3.7 Human Resources - Tax-Deferred Annuities
3.8 - A. Treasury – Short Term Investment Guidelines
B. Treasury – Investment Guidelines
3.9 PCI DSS Information Security Policy
Attachment 3-A: Operating Ramp Guidelines; Salary Implementation Guidelines
Attachment 3-B
: Purchasing Guidelines  

Section 4: Internal Audit
4.1 Guidelines for the Internal Audit Function
Attachment 4-A: Internal Audit Policy

Section 5: University Risk Management
5.1 Introduction
5.2 General Administration
5.3 Comprehensive General and Professional Liability
5.4 Property Coverage
5.5 Automobile Physical Damage Coverage
5.6 Camper/Child Care Medical Benefits
5.7 Student Medical Insurance Plan (SIUC Only)
5.8 Student Intercollegiate Athletic Excess Accident Coverage
Appendix A: University Self-Insurance Program  
Appendix B: 110 ILCS 520/8a  

Section 6: Governmental Relations
6.1  General
6.2 Activities
6.3 Job Description
6.4 Conducting Government Relations

Section 7: Ethics: University Employee Misconduct Policy and Procedures
7.1 General Statement
7.2 Management Responsibilities
7.3 Employee Responsibilities
7.4 Procedures for Reporting Misconduct
7.5 Investigating Authority
7.6 Exceptions for Certain Misconduct, Criminal Activity and Emergency Situations
7.7 Duty to Cooperate with Investigation

Section 8: Tuition, Fees and Charges
8.1 Tuition and Fee Waiver Policies and Procedures

Section 9: Plagiarism Policy
9.1 Office of the President Plagiarism Policy

Section 10: University Related Organizations
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Guidelines for University Review of Proposed Contracts of University Related Organizations

Section 11: General Counsel
11.1 Guidelines for Outside Litigation Counsel

Section 12: Export Controls
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Leadership Responsibilities
12.3 Employee Responsibilities
12.4 Restricted Party Screening
12.5 Clean Laptop Requirements
12.6 Sabbatical Documents
12.7 Conflict of Interest Documents

Section 13: System Remote Work Policy
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Remote Work Agreement Purpose
13.3 Accommodation of Disabilities and Family Medical Leave Act Requests
13.4 Childcare, Adult Care, and Personal Obligations
13.5 Eligibility for Remote Work
13.6 Terms and Conditions of Remote Work Agreements
13.7 Equipment and Supplies
13.8 Work Environment
13.9 Workers’ Compensation
13.10 Safety
13.11 Liability
13.12 Implementing Procedures












* Guidelines contained herein have been approved by the President.