University Guidelines

Section 3.5 Financial Services: Capital Matters - Formulation of Procedures for Developing an Architect Selection and for the Preparation of Plans and Specifications
Issued: February 2009
Replaces: April 2007

  1. An appropriate institutional committee should be established to review candidates who wish to be considered for selection as the architect for a project.

  2. The committee should conduct a review of those firms who wish to be considered for the project aimed at identifying the several most suitable candidates.

Members of the committee should have knowledge of the project scope and should determine the appropriate technical disciplines needed to carry out project tasks (use CDB Form listing pre-qualification disciplines for each firm under consideration). Project scope and estimated total cost should be provided to finalist A/E firms before on-campus interviews are conducted. The in-depth interview with each finalist A/E firm should be guided by the following considerations, properly weighted to reflect the needs of the project:

  • Capability to provide required technical disciplines for project needs and/or particular specialized pre-qualified consultants.
  • Experience with similar projects.
  • Size of the firm in relation to the project.
  • Proximity of the firm to the project site.
  • Workload relative to the project schedule.
  • Performance record with the University (if any), with the CDB, and with other users.
  • Minority-owned.
  • Female-owned.

The committee evaluation of each finalist A/E firm will take into consideration the information developed during the interview, as well as the quality of responses, effectiveness of presentation, and attitude and interest displayed by the firm in the interview process.

Interviews for projects less than $750,000 are optional at the discretion of the campus.

  1. A summary letter should be provided to the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Board Treasurer which includes background information about the selection and process and the firms recommended. The Vice President will authorize the committee to proceed with contract negotiations.
  2. For those projects that affect the function and appearance of the campus, drawings and sketches of the planned project should be provided to the Architecture and Design Committee and Board as early in the process as is feasible.
  3. Plans and specifications should be submitted for review by the Board Architect for all capital projects of $500,000 or more.
  4. Plans and specifications for all projects greater than $500,000 should be kept on file on behalf of the Board of Trustees at each respective campus.
  5. Responses to recommendations made by the Board Architect should be submitted in a timely manner to the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Board Treasurer. The responses should indicate the action to be taken to implement the recommendations or reasons why the recommendations were not accepted.

Last updated: 16 Feb 2009