University Guidelines

Section 2.3 Academic Affairs: Guidelines for International Agreements
Issued: September 2001
Replaces: 6/30/90 (or 1/16/80)

2.3.1 Introduction

A major facet of Southern Illinois University is its involvement in international agreements which provide additional avenues of teaching, research, and public service for faculty. To facilitate this involvement and to provide campus constituencies with appropriate guidelines for the establishment of formal linkages with other institutions, the following criteria and procedures are provided.

Formal agreements should be built upon opportunities which:

  1. Demonstrate the value of formalizing a relationship between institutions.
  2. Clarify the objectives and components of the relationship.
  3. Demonstrate the feasibility of establishing a continuing association.

2.3.2 General Requirements of an Agreement

  1. The agreement should be titled a "Memorandum of Understanding."
  2. The agreement should address one or more of the following: research or development programs of mutual interest, exchange of scholars, exchange of students, and exchange of consultants.
  3. The agreement should provide a framework for the formalization of specific activities between SIU and participating institutions.
  4. Development of the agreement should be a joint effort of persons officially designated by the respective institutions. This includes campus constituencies and administrative officers as well as the Office of the President.
  5. Joint participation by SIUC and SIUE is encouraged where appropriate and when mutually desirable.

2.3.3 Documentation

In preparing a "Memorandum of Understanding," originator should expand upon and provide documentation in the following areas:

  1. The Institution – profile of the participating institutions.
  2. The Programmatic Linkage – mutual programmatic areas which should initiate the linkage; other potential areas of cooperation; relationship to specific programs within departments or colleges; and opportunities for new and important teaching, research, and service emphases.
  3. The Benefits – scholarly, programmatic, and (if appropriate) mutual monetary benefits of a formal linkage.
  4. The Commitments – initial and projected commitments of participant institutions in implementation of the agreement.

2.3.4 Procedures for Processing Agreements

  1. All international agreements should originate from individual departments, offices, or programs with a common interest in the exchange.
  2. Each campus shall develop a set of procedures consistent with these guidelines that involve review and recommendation by program participants and campus administrators, including legal counsel.
  3. All agreements are subject to final approval by the President of SIU.
  4. Upon approval by the President, the "Memorandum of Understanding" shall be returned to the respective campus for processing and implementation.
  5. Each "Memorandum of Understanding" shall be reviewed by the appropriate academic units and administrative officers of the respective institutions two years after the Memorandum has been signed and every three years thereafter.

Last updated: 5 Dec 2001