University Guidelines

Section 5.7 University Risk Management: Student Medical Insurance Plan
(Southern Illinois University Carbondale only)
Issued: July 2005
Replaces: October 2001

5.7.1 Endorsement

The coverage described herein is provided as an endorsement and amendment to the Southern Illinois University Self-Insurance Program, and anything herein conflicting with the Program is hereby amended to comply with said Program.

A. Coverage

The Board of Trustees does hereby establish a reserve fund for the Student Medical Insurance ("SMI") Plan of the Student Health Center. The SMI Plan is established for the purpose of benefiting the students of Southern Illinois University Carbondale by providing limited protection against the financial cost of health care expenses not provided through the campus-based services funded by the Student Medical Benefit Primary Care Fee or covered by other liable insurers.

The SMI Plan has also been amended to extend benefits to SIUC student intercollegiate athletes and cheerleaders (including cheerleading mascots) injured during participation, practice, and travel involving their sport. The athlete and cheerleader coverage shall be assessed and funded annually through the Intercollegiate Athletic Department. This benefit shall be effective at 12:00 a.m. on the 15th day of August, 1995 and shall remain in effect for eligible students until such time as the Board of Trustees shall cancel the Program. The SMI Plan is excess to any other health insurance, benefit plan or insurance coverage from which the student may be entitled to benefits.

Daily operation and administration, including claims, of the SMI Plan is vested in the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Health Center. Overall Plan administration is coordinated between the Student Health Center and the Self-Insurance Program. The terms, conditions, and exclusions of the Plan are governed by the Student Medical Insurance Plan Document obtainable from the Student Health Center.

B. Eligibility

See Student Medical Insurance Plan Document.

C. Schedule of Benefits

See Student Medical Insurance Plan Document.

D. Exclusions

See Student Medical Insurance Plan Document.

E. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits

See Student Medical Insurance Plan Document.

F. Athletic and Cheerleader Coverage

Student Medical Insurance Plan benefits shall be coordinated with the NCAA Athletic Catastrophe Coverage Program and subject to a per injury claim limit.

Last updated: 12 Aug 2005