Welcome to the Ethics Office at Southern Illinois University

Under the direction of Michelle Taylor, this office serves to provide leadership on ethics related matters and ethical behavior in the workplace at Southern Illinois University. Our goal is to advance and protect the University's mission and assist in creating an ethical working and learning environment for all.

In carrying out this mission, we are committed to ensuring high ethical standards and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The University Ethics Office is responsible for: developing and implementing ethics training, reviewing statements of economic interests disclosure forms, referring ethical complaints to the appropriate authorities, providing guidance to senior officers and employees in the interpretation of the Ethics Act, approving gift ban exceptions for business travel and educational gifts, and serving as the University liaison to the State of Illinois Office of Inspector General and the Executive Ethics Commission.

Please note the Ethics Office works closely with appointed ethics training administrators on each SIU campus that assist with ethics training and compliance matters. They serve a critical role as an additional resource for employees who need guidance related to ethical matters on their respective campuses. We are here to serve the University community and we care about you!

The University community should exhibit shared principles of respect, honesty, integrity, fairness, cooperation, open communication, stewardship, continuous improvement, responsibility, accountability, and transparency.