Located in Springfield, the Office of Government and Public Affairs works directly with the SIU President’s Office and in turn, the SIU campuses in the development of the University’s legislative and public affairs agenda, as well as responding to media requests for the University System and maintaining a close working relationship with the Board of Trustees, President, administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

The goal of government relations at SIU is to effectively communicate with state and federal government officials, agencies and their staff members, as well as university advocates and supporters regarding the priorities of the University and the Board of Trustees.  We are always working to improve the relationship we have between government officials and the University, ensuring they have a greater understanding of the economic, educational, health care and societal value we bring to the region we serve and the state in general.

The Government and Public Affairs team is made up of John Charles, Director of Government and Public Affairs and Bradley Visintin, Government and Public Affairs Administrative Assistant.