Welcome to the website of Southern Illinois University’s Treasury Office

The Treasury Office provides cash and liquidity management, investment management and capital financing services for the Southern Illinois University System which includes SIU Carbondale (SIUC), including the School of Medicine in Springfield, and SIU Edwardsville (SIUE), encompassing the East St. Louis Center and the School of Dental Medicine in Alton.

Cash and Liquidity Management

Treasury manages the daily cash flows and bank balances, oversees bank account fraud protections, and negotiates banking and financial services contracts.  Other duties include providing banking service solutions that support business processes in an efficient, cost effective manner; and assessing liquidity and investment management processes to maximize the return on the University’s funds, with a priority on safety and liquidity.


Treasury directs management of the University’s investment programs.  Investment programs include operating funds and plant funds. A portion of the System’s assets are managed by external investment firms.  Investment manager relationships are monitored to ensure they comply with the Illinois Public Funds Investment Act as well as investment guidelines and investment policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

Investment portfolios are rebalanced periodically, in coordination with the investment manager, to ensure that asset allocations are within established policy guidelines and are well positioned to meet the University’s liquidity needs.  Investment of debt issuance proceeds are monitored to ensure they are managed in compliance with the Illinois Public Funds Investment Act and relevant debt covenants.

Capital Financing

Treasury issues tax-exempt and taxable debt to fund the construction of facilities for the Southern Illinois University System.  Debt financed facilities include Auxiliary, Medical Facility Services, and Utility Infrastructure facilities, although other campus facilities have been financed.  Financing structures for capital needs are optimized to deliver low cost of capital and support the University’s strategic plans. Treasury is responsible for receipt and disbursement of borrowed funds, compliance with bond related regulations, debt service payments, and continuing disclosure filings after the bonds are issued.  

In addition, Treasury manages the oversight of the University’s internal loan program.  The internal loan program provides a flexible, cost effective financing option for capital projects that are not large enough or cannot be financed with traditional debt financing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and enhance the financial resources of the University through effective cash management, strategic investment and prudent borrowing.