Welcome to the webpage of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the Southern Illinois University system. This office’s primary responsibility is to support the university’s Board of Trustees, the system President, and the two main campuses on all issues relating to academic life. 

SIU offers a complete collegiate experience. Each member institution offers more than 200 degree programs, renovated academic facilities, and state-of-the-art libraries – all nestled in the natural beauty of southern Illinois. 

The goal is to ensure that each campus provides every current and future student a valuable and marketable degree.  Moreover, SIU students can make the most of a college experience that fully enhances their intellectual, physical, and cultural life, including participation in countless research and creative opportunities in collaboration with talented faculty in their laboratories and studios.  In addition to supporting its students, SIU has been recognized for its commitment to community engagement.  The services provided by faculty, staff and students are important resources to the region and enrich students with experiential learning, much like internships, externships, and clinicals in many different fields.

Lastly, SIU students benefit from the excellent work of renowned faculty members. Their cutting-edge research and strong classroom teaching are what makes learning at SIU so special. Some programs, like the first year of the SIU School of Medicine’s problem-based learning, engage their students in startling and innovative ways. Most importantly, students are fortunate to work closely with their instructors, in and out of class, a real benefit that allows SIU to stand apart from other research institutions.

The possibilities are exciting and unending. Please do not hesitate to contact this office if you have any questions about academics on any of the SIU of campuses.