The term "export controls" refers to a set of federal laws and regulations. 

These laws and regulations are used to:

  • restrict both physical and nonphysical exports of items that could contribute to the military potential of international adversaries
  • to advance U.S. foreign policy goals, and
  • to protect the U.S. economy and promote trade goals.

What Do Export Controls Usually Cover?

When export controls apply, they are frequently, but not exclusively, associated with items, information, and software code within the following general areas:

  • Chemical, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Materials Technology
  • Remote Sensing, Imaging, and Reconnaissance
  • Navigation, Avionics, and Flight Control
  • Robotics
  • Propulsion System and Unmanned Air Vehicle Subsystems
  • Telecommunications/Networking
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Sensors and Sensor Technology
  • Advanced Computer/Microelectronic Technology
  • Information Security/Encryption
  • Laser and Directed Energy Systems
  • Rocket Systems
  • Marine Technology

Noncompliance with export controls requirements carries significant institutional AND personal risks.  This portion of the website provides information to assist you with maintaining compliance.  In addition see SIU System’s Policy on Export Control and Scholarship - 1M7.  

Most SIU System personnel only encounter export control when traveling internationally.  When traveling internationally for SIU System business (e.g., presenting at a conference), complete and submit the Temporary Export License Exception Form prior to your departure.

However, other activities must be evaluated for export control purposes.  These activities include:

  • outbound shipments to foreign destinations
  • laboratory access to controlled equipment and technical data that does not fall under the FRE (explained below)
  • international collaborations
  • teaching/lecturing abroad
  • hosting foreign national visitors (non-US persons)
  • activities subject to publication restrictions
  • activities restricting the participation of foreign nationals
  • activities involving restricted or export-controlled information.

Report violations of export control requirements to the Director of Export Controls.

For SIU System personnel involved in research or externally sponsored projects, use the Decision Tree to help determine if your activity falls under export control regulations.