International Travel

The risks associated with carrying electronic devices while traveling arise from two sources: the likelihood that your device will be compromised and the impact of such a compromise. These risks fall into two main categories: exposing information the university is required to protect (i.e., restricted, classified or export controlled data) and being compromised by malware while traveling. The likelihood of being compromised by malware is greatest when traveling outside of the US and especially high when governments operate and manage the Internet. International travelers should take extra precautions. Understand that foreign universities, governments, and companies are often linked. Any inquiry regarding your research may have an ulterior motive, such as stealing intellectual property. Be cautious of unsolicited requests and questions about your research or other sensitive information. These clean laptops provide both you and the SIU System extra security in the event that the laptop is compromised and will assist both you and the SIU System with maintaining export control compliance.

All SIU travel to the below countries WILL REQUIRE that an Informational Technology Services clean laptop be used during SIU business travel to these countries. Your SIU issued laptop computer SHALL NOT be transported to any of the below countries.

  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Ukraine (Crimea Region)
  • China
  • Russia
  • Venezuela
  • Cambodia
  • Belarus

International Travel Resources

  • The SIU Clean Laptop Program provides specific instructions to follow for each campus when traveling to one of the above-mentioned locations.
  • The International Travel Tips provides guidance on traveling to high-risk countries.
  • The TMP Certification is an export license exception available for the temporary export of certain items that would otherwise require an export license.  This exception is not available for export to any of the above-mentioned countries.