Chemicals and Biologicals

Some chemicals and biologicals, even those that are commonly used in the laboratory, are highly controlled under U.S. export control regulations.  Provided below are the details of export-controlled chemicals and biologicals.  If you have any of these items in your possession, or are considering purchasing any of them, please contact the Export Controls Office for an assessment to determine is export controls are applicable.

Additionally, the SIU Center for Environmental Health and Safety provides extensive information and assistance relating to chemicals and biologicals.  Please contact their office for regulations/requirements that may apply in addition to export controls.

Two sets of regulations provide oversight for chemical and biological equipment, materials, and technology:

  • The U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls’ United States Munitions List (USML) includes Category XIV - Toxicological Agents, Including Chemical Agents, Biological Agents, and Associated Equipment. Compiled below is a summary of the items listed in Category XIV of the USML.  Contact the Export Controls Office immediately if you have in your possession, or plan to purchase, any of the items in the USML. 

USML Chemicals and Biologicals Listing

Review the links above for specific details regarding each agent.  Compiled below are a list of the chemical and biological agents described in the CCL.  Whether or not these are export-controlled will depend on several factors, including amounts/mixtures used.  If you are using any of these agents, the Export Controls Office can perform an assessment to aid you in determining whether or not your use of these agents is export-controlled and, if so, to implement the necessary controls.

CCL Chemicals and Biologicals Listing