International Shipping - Export Controls

SIU’s international shipping must comply with export control laws and regulations, which may require SIU to obtain an export license for shipments of tangible items outside of the U.S.  The shipment of items to a foreign country are considered an export even it’s temporary, wasn’t sold, or will be used for research.

All SIU personnel who engage in international shipping are responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations.  Shipping without obtaining the appropriate license or other government approval, or failing to file accurate export or shipping documentation, may result in confiscation of the shipped items, fines and/or other penalties.

The Export Controls Office can assist you in evaluating if a license is required and if so, in obtaining the license. However, the following guidance can assist you in taking the proper action BEFORE exporting an item:

  • What is the item?

Any item that is either listed on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) United State Munitions List (USML) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Commerce Control List with an export control classification number (ECCN) other than “EAR99” may require an export license depending on destination and proposed end-use.  While many items that are used on a daily basis fall within the “EAR99” classification, a number of items that are frequently used in academic research do not and will require an export control review and classification.  In some instances an export license exception can be used to take these items abroad, but you should contact the Export Controls Office to assist in making this determination. 

  • Where is the item going?

Certain countries are subject to strict export requirements.  If you are planning to ship anything to one of the high-risk countries identified here, you MUST contact the Export Controls Office PRIOR to shipping.

  • Who is the end user?

The U.S. Government maintains a list of individuals and entities that U.S. organizations are prohibited from collaborating with or shipping to—known as “restricted parties.”  Contact the Export Controls Office for a screening of the end user prior to shipping.

  • What is the intended end use?

Any end use that has a military or space application or that is contrary to national security will require a review the Export Controls Office.

Please note that classification and export license approval can take several months for processing time.  It is critical to plan ahead and make the license determination as soon as possible to prevent shipping delays.