Training is the foundation of a successful export compliance program. Well-informed employees minimize the likelihood that inadvertent violation of the law will occur. The greatest risk of non-compliance of export laws and regulations occurs during casual conversations in person, on the telephone, or via e-mail. The way to prevent these types of violations is through awareness and training.

The Export Controls office will prepare updated training materials and will ensure that employees or students engaged in export-controlled activities receive the appropriate briefing. The office will also maintain records of training or briefings provided.

In order to ensure adequate export control training is provided, the following training schedule will be utilized:

  • New incoming faculty will be trained upon hire.

  • Faculty members will be trained, at a minimum, every three years.

  • University offices/departments or individuals with export control responsibilities will be trained, at a minimum, every three years.

  • New incoming graduate students will be trained upon beginning their studies at the university.

  • All project personnel will be trained when working on export-controlled research.

Additionally, departments will be trained on an as needed/as requested basis.  If you or your department would like to receive export control training, please contact the Export Controls Office.

Export Control Training Resources