Welcome to the Office of Tax Compliance at Southern Illinois University.

Southern Illinois University is committed to ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws.  The Office of Tax Compliance is a component of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Board Treasurer.  The Office of Tax Compliance is responsible for directing and maintaining a comprehensive federal, state, and local tax compliance program at Southern Illinois University for the University-wide system.  Specifically, the Office of Tax Compliance:

  • advises and assists with implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with tax laws;
  • provides assistance in training and educating University departments to ensure compliance with tax laws;
  • monitors judicial and legislative developments to tax law and advises University departments accordingly;
  • conducts tax research and provides opinions on tax-related matters;
  • advises University departments on the preparation of tax-related forms, applications, returns, and supporting documentation;
  • provides tax planning advice related to contract terms and/or conditions to mitigate adverse tax consequences in connection with future activities; and
  • serves as University liaison with tax authorities, external legal counsel, and consulting firms on tax-related matters.

Academic & Administrative Departments Tax Guide [pdf]

  • University’s Tax-Exempt Status
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • Scholarships and Fellowship Grants
  • Fringe Benefits - Employer-Provided Vehicles

Please consult with the Office of Tax Compliance for questions concerning tax matters.

Office of Tax Compliance

1400 Douglas Drive, MC 6801
Stone Center
Carbondale, IL 62901
Fax: 618-453-3024