SIP Automobile Physical Damage Coverage

This program provides coverage for damage resulting from comprehensive (fire, wind, theft, etc.) and collision exposures on vehicles owned or leased by the University.  The coverage must be requested by the unit/fiscal officer responsible for the vehicle.  Annual premium assessments are based on the purchase price or bluebook value of the vehicle being insured.

Reporting Claims:  All vehicle accidents involving occupied University vehicles must be reported immediately to Travel Service (SIUC) or Transportation Service (SIUE).  The University Police Department (if on campus) and/or the Local Police Department are to be notified immediately after the accident occurs so they may respond appropriately.  Accidents involving unoccupied University vehicles (for example, parked vehicles) are to be reported as damage to University property.  This report must be submitted within 48 hours after the accident to the appropriate campus contact.

For a full description including details and exclusions, see SIP Guidelines, Automobile Physical Damage Coverage.

A current rate and deductible schedule is available.

For questions, please contact Sherri Phillips, 618-453-5144 or