SIP Excess Medical Benefits

Excess Medical Benefit Coverage is non-liability coverage for participants in University-sponsored camps, child care, or other approved programs or activities.  The coverage must be requested by the  sponsoring department. "University-sponsored" means under the direction and control of University employees, acting under assigned job responsibilities, and revenues and expenses are recorded in University accounts (not Trust and Agency accounts).

To request per day coverage, complete the Excess Medical Benefit Coverage Request Form prior to the program's beginning date. A complete list of covered participants must be submitted to University Risk Management no later than the first day of the program. Covered individuals may not include SIU students, staff or faculty.

Per year coverage requires participant information to be provided to University Risk Management at the start of a new program or by July 1 of each year.

For a full description including details and exclusions, see SIP Guidelines, Excess Medical Benefits.

For rates and limits of coverage, see Current Contribution Rates and Deductibles.

To file a Claim the two forms below must be submitted.

For questions, please contact Beth Richardson at 618-453-4783 or