State Provided Auto Liability

The State of Illinois provides Auto Liability limits of up to $2,000,000 per occurrence for automobile liability incurred while operating a vehicle in accordance with State of Illinois Central Management Services Guidelines.  The State of Illinois coverage is primary (pays first) for any state owned or leased automobile.  Employees who frequently drive a state or University-owned vehicle may wish to verify with their automobile insurance agent that their personal auto liability coverage is available in the event the State of Illinois denies coverage on the basis that the auto usage was outside the scope of employment duties.

The State of Illinois coverage is in excess of any other available coverage for non-owned or rental automobiles.  This means when an employee drives a personally-owned vehicle on University business, the employee's auto insurance is considered primary to this state coverage. Employees who frequently drive a personal vehicle on University business may wish to discuss this state provided coverage with their automobile insurance agent.